10 Useful Uses for Reverse Image Search


You are not just limited with text queries for searching information on the internet. Thanks to Reverse image search, you can always search the internet through the help of images as queries.
While reverse image search has been there for a while, not many of us know about this interesting method of searching information through images. The Google search engine is capable of processing both text and images as queries.
When it comes to search engines, Google is the indisputable leader. Along with the normal text search feature, Google also allows you to search the internet via images. Reverse image search on Google is available on a separate domain which is https://www.google.com/imghp . Apart from Google there are several other reverse image search tools available on the internet, however none of them can beat Google at what it is best.
Performing a reverse image search using Google is very simple. Here’s a guide that i wrote earlier with detailed instructions on performing a reverse image search on Google. Once you’re done with reading the guide, you’ll be able to perform reverse image search as a pro.
If you are using Google chrome to browse the internet, reverse image search will be at your fingertips as the feature is built in to chrome itself. Wherever you want to perform a reverse image search on Google chrome, simple right click on the image and select Search Google for this image.
Now that you know about Reverse image search, here are 10 interesting and useful ways in which you can use Reverse image search in your day to day life.

Finding out if an image is real or fake

real or fake
If you ever come across a image which you doubt is edited or fake, simply use reverse image search and you would find out the original source of the image.

Finding the name of an product

find product name reverse image search
You might come across an interesting product’s image on the internet but there won’t be any description for that product. Use reverse image search and you would be able to find out the name of the product and a place to buy it online.

Identifying a recipe through a photograph

Piri Piri Chicken curry & rice being cooked over hot charcoals , Indian food recipe  pictures, photos & images
Came across a mouth watering dish on the internet? just use reverse image search and you would be able to identify the recipe and even find the details on preparing it.

Find high definition version of a photograph or wallpaper

find hidh definition wallpapers reverse image search
You can perform a reverse image search to find all the similar versions of an image or wallpaper available on the internet. The results of the reverse image search will provide you with links to higher resolution versions of the image or photograph user to perform the reverse image search.

Find if someone else is using your photographs without permission

fidn stolen photograph reverse image search
This one is very useful for photographers who want to track down people who are using their photographs without any permissions. Not only you get to find people who have been using your photographs without permissions, at the same time reverse image search can also track down edited, cropped or manipulated versions of your photographs.

Identifying a Person or Celebrity

Reverse image search can be used to identify a person or celebrity from a photograph. This even works for scenes from movies.
find celebrity name reverse image search

Identifying Fake profiles on social networks

There has been a mushroom growth in fake profile on major social networks. One thing common between all the fake profiles it they usually have their profile picture sourced from the internet. By using reverse image search on the profile pictures, you can easily find out if the profile picture was sourced from the internet and this will help you determine whether the profile is fake or real.
find fake social network profiles reverse image search

Identifying monuments and buildings

identify buildings and monuments reverse image search
Reverse image search can be used to identify monuments and buildings from their photographs.

Identifying tourist locations

find tourist place location reverse image search
Came across an interesting tourist location that you want to know more about? Simply perform a reverse image search and you would be able to identify the tourist location.

Identify almost anything from photographs

find animal names reverse image search
Last but not the least, reverse image search can be used to perform a plethora of other things such as identifying a animal, insect, bird and so on.
Well its not possible to cover each and every possibility of reverse image search, but if you have some suggestions please suggest them through the comments below.

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