10 Easy Ways to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages in 2020


The world is over-crowded place. If you look around, you will find endless options for a single service. Though it’s a good thing, you may have a tough time making the right decision. 

In case you are hunting down an easy and reliable way to spy on someone’s text messages then we may help you. 

We have come up with a crisp and comprehensive list of top 10 options that you can rely upon when you need a text message spy facility. Each option is hand-picked and made into the list after detailed analysis. Read on and find out your best pick.

#1 – Neatspy 

Out of all the text message spying tools and technologies that we have out there, Neatspy online is the one that has managed to grab the first place in the list. Well, all thanks go to its 100% jailbreak/rooting free assistance. 

  • Whether it’s the data safety or data quality, Neatspy makes no compromise and offers you the world’s best text messages spying facility at an affordable cost. It protects your data by not saving it on its server. 
  • There is no match to its user-friendliness. Its iOS solution can be at work without any downloading/installation while its Android solution shares great similarities with all the regular apps that you use. 
  • Despite the highest quality and best feature-suite, the operational cost of Neatspy is very pocket-friendly. You can buy its one month’s subscription at a mere cost of $10.

#2 – Spyic 

Spyic is a user-friendly text message spy app that doesn’t let your technical incompetency act as an impediment between you and text message spying assistance. Millions of novices have already used it with no hassles. 

Text message spying using jailbreak/rooting is a risky job. As Spyic‘s at-work technology is 100% free from these two techniques, you don’t have to bear any risks. 

Its stealth mode and web-based browsers are here to keep your motives hidden. These two things hide the presence and operations of Spyic and never let anyone know what you are up to.

#3 – Spyier 

Spyier is a 100% legit remote monitoring app that you can use to spy on someone’s text messages. Along with this, it comes with a great competency in tracking 35+ other phone activities including calls, web-browsing history, live location, and so on. 

Its jailbreak/rooting free assistance has managed to grab the attention of many world media houses. They were shocked to know that Spyier has an impeccably built keylogger that can record every keystroke made on the targeted device without a single glitch. 

#4 – Minspy 

If there is a way to enjoy risk-free and reliable text message spying then it’s only using Minspy. Packed with ample features and built with the world’s best technology, Minspy will capture every detail that you need to catch your prey. 

Wondering how to do text message spying on Android and iPhone at a time? Don’t worry. Minspy offers a separate solution for these two most common OS. All you need to do is buy the right subscription. That’s it. 

#5 – Spyine 

Compact size, risk-free text message spying, user-friendly interface, and reliable data are your takeaways when you’re using Spyine. As long a Spyine is handling the task of text message spying for you, there is nothing to be worried about. 

By using a user-friendly interface, it has made text message spying easier than ever. Any novice can use it with full perfection. 

Fetching data is also easy as all the details are delivered directly on your dashboard. 

#6 – ClickFree 

If you haven’t heard of ClickFree then you have missed a lot as this parent control app is here to remove all the complexities like damaging the targeted device and exposing crucial data effortlessly. By doing so, it has made text message spying easy and straightforward. 

To make things further simplified, it offers you a highly interactive dashboard. Every data will be rendered over it and you can have a clear picture of other’s phone activities.  

#7 – Ddi Utilities  

With free lifetime updates and browser-based dashboard, Ddi Utilities can be trusted for text message spying. It has a responsive data back-up facility that makes sure your data is secure by all means. 

Whether the targeted device runs on iOS or Android, Ddi Utilities can easily track the text messages and other activities and keep you updated. The latest iOS 13 OS is also supported by it. But, its high cost makes it the right choice for elites only. 

#8 – Guestspy 

Guestspy is a remote phone monitoring app that has the ability to keep tabs on around 25+ phone activities along with text message spying. Built with 100% rooting and jailbreak free technology, it has effortlessly eliminated hassles from text message spying jobs. 

You can create a back-up for your phone’s data in no time and ensure its highest security. The advanced security encryption of this app protects your crucial data under all circumstances. 

#9 – Copy9 

Copy9 offers a comprehensive solution to all your text message spying issues at an affordable cost. 

As using it is easy and doesn’t demand any special hardware/software to start, anyone can rely upon it. But, there are a large number of people complaining about its compatibility with the latest iOS version. You must ask for a free trial before making the final decision. 

#10 – Fonemonitor

Without touching the targeted device, Fonemonitor allows you to track the text message activities with full perfection. As it is fully compatible with all the leading OS, you can use it without any hassles. However, you may face slow performance in certain OS versions. 

The Crux: There are Endless ways to spy on someone’s text messages!

In the world of abundance, there is no dearth of choices. However, making the right choice is indeed a tough job.

If you need a way to track text messages then this rundown will help you make the right choice. All the options discussed here have already proved their viability. 

But, still, our top pick, Neatspy, is our and everyone else’s first choice because the way it helps in text message spying, nothing else does.

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