How to Make the Best Follow-Up Sales Call with 0345 Number


In almost every business, deals and follow-ups tend to fall through the cracks. However, of the many things sales reps have to deal with, following up is such a key aspect of the job. And a key factor when doing so is the kind of phone line the business uses such as the extremely popular 0345 numbers which are available on cNumber online.

For those unfamiliar, they are non-geographic numbers, used by many large scale businesses in the UK. They are considered special numbers as they aren’t tied to any geographical area. However, unlike 0800 lines on cNumber, 0345 free to call is not really the case.

This is because they are still charged at a local rate. Despite this, the 0345 line is still amongst the most broadly used numbers by businesses.

Making a good follow up 0345 sales call: 

1. Have the specific reason for touching base

Never call a client to simply check-in or touch base. The benefit of using an 0345 line, is that most businesses will tend to appear more professional. So, it crucial to always have a reason for reaching out. Agents regularly blame these expressions to contact someone, in fact, they have no suitable reason to.

During every interaction, try to give back a little bit of value. The follow-up call will be a waste of time if there isn’t anything valuable being said. If there are important implements happening or the prospect’s organization was in the news, bring that up.

This is the reason, it is much important to pay attention during the primary interactions. It’s the subtle details that help when sending personalized follow-ups in showing that the caller was paying attention. Treat each follow-up as a chance to give incremental worth.

In the end, it will pay off and more probable lead to showing signs of improvement reaction. 

2. End Every Conversation with a Specific Next Step 

What are the 0345 callers trying to achieve with the client or prospect? Knowing the ultimate goal or the master plan allows one toe to figure out the procedure needed to accomplish it. At the end of every business call, ask the possibilities of what they think would be the best subsequent steps. Use this to check their interest and then recommend one’s own action items.

Also, request the possibility or customer’s favored method of correspondence. The perfect chance to do this is after the discovery call. This presents one a step further forwards grabbing the chance to work with them.

3. Try To Get Them To Commit To A Follow-Up

The best chance to get the client to focus on another meeting is at the end of the current one. If the discussion went well, they’ll most happily accept to schedule another one. Most customers have their own schedules on their personal gadgets, and one should take benefit of that.

Lock in a time and date for the next engagement and quickly send them a calendar invite. Don’t be afraid to ask. Despite the fact that 0345 lines are memorable, if the client goes off without committing, they may still forget to keep in touch. And the end result will be chasing after them to re-engage.

Besides, while 0345 free to call is not really the case, they are still affordable lines. So the cost of dialing shouldn’t pose a problem to clients.


When making a follow-up call, these are just some practical concepts that 0345 cNumber users can apply during, before, or after the calling process. The main key to great follow-ups is persistence and personalization.

Have the fundamental information necessary ready and be proactive. Half the battle is reflecting on past conversations and interactions and knowing when to follow up.

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