5 Simple Ways to Read Text Messages from someone else’s Phone 2020


If you think you are being paranoid because someone you know is always texting someone but never specifies anyone in particular. If you have just become an afterthought for them it is more likely that maybe something is cooking up behind the scene.

On the positive note it could be that they might be planning a surprise for you and doesn’t want you to know anything about her or on the completely different and opposite note it could be that they are finding someone else more interesting and trustworthy than you.

You can find out the truth behind their aloofness and distancing by checking their phone. It is not an ethical thing to do but if you are sincere in your relationship and you know that without evidence they will never accept her truth, to save yourself from becoming a scapegoat of a failing relationship you have all the means to spy on their phone. This article will help you choose the best options for spying on her phone.

Minspy: a nightmare for cheating spouse

Minspy is the omnifarious app you can use if you are wondering how I can read my wife’s text messages on my phone simply without making her question my faithfulness. Minspy is trusted by millions of users because of its no rooting or jailbreaking ability. You can hack the phone without putting your personal information on stake. So you can keep an eye from the distance on almost every activity of your spouse including her text messages, her call history and last visited location.

One way to tell whether your wife is cheating on you or not is to see her social media feed, cheating spouse maybe liking someone’s posts quite too often. The other thing you can see is the locations she visits more than usual. If she is visiting the fancy hotels or bars without you there maybe someone else she is enjoying her life with. 

Minspy allows you to spy on the different social media accounts; you can read the group chats as well as the personal chatting on social media accounts. There is no way she can hide anything because like a good spy Minspy can even provide you the deleted messages from her phone too.

Different devices you hack with Minspy:

Minspy is that magic wand you can use to hack both android and iPhone devices. To enjoy the full range of features provided by Minspy you have to sign up with Minspy. After signing up, if the device of your spouse is an android you have to install an app on the phone which will take less than five minutes. You don’t have to worry about getting exposed because of this app because it spies on the phone from the shadows and is designed by using modern technology to ensure its working without draining much battery or sending any notification to the device. The search history has no trace of downloading the app.

If the device is an iPhone, the spying is even more comfortable because Minspy hacks all the data of an iPhone by hacking the iCloud server of the iPhone where all the data is stored. One thing you have to get your hand on is the iCloud credentials because without them you won’t be able to use the Minspy services for your benefit. 

How to hack a phone with Minspy?

Minspy does not require you to become an expert in hacking and then use it with super-techno abilities. You just have to walk through a few steps and fulfill the few prerequisites and you are ready to hack the device.

Step 1:

First thing you need for using any online service is to get the subscription. You can sign up for a Minspy account by providing your email address and the password.

Step 2:

After signing up you will be required to specify the device you are in need of hacking by providing some information about that device. 

You have to choose the plan which fits your requirements. If you are trying to hack a single app, the premium version is enough for you but if you wish to hack the multiple devices you need a family version.

Step 3:

If the device is an iPhone, you have to merge the iCloud server with the Minspy account by providing the iCloud credentials.

If the device is an android, it is a wild goose chase to try to hack it without downloading the app in the device. So make sure to install the app on your wife’s phone and after that you can hide it by following a few steps.

It will take a few minutes so after finishing the installation, put the phone aside and go to your computer, mobile phone or laptop with an internet connection.

Step 4:

You have to log in to your account of Minspy and on the dashboard you will find the selection panel on the left side. There you can choose any category you want to spy on. You can read the text messages, spy on the social media accounts or you can use the keylogger feature to mark the few no go zones according to logic as to where she may be going to meet her significant-other.


Spyier is your second option on the list for spying on your wife’s phone safely. Spyier is endorsed by many good reputed international forums spyier has all the good qualities of a top notch hacker. It is preferred by many people for exposing the cheating spouse by reading the text messages and social media accounts.


Spyine is another trustworthy companion you can have on your side to take a peek into your spouse’s phone. It allows you to virtually be with your spouse 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


Spyic may not be the best spying but it is economical and easy to use. Spyic can provide detailed information on the text messages of your spouse and you can read the deleted messages of hers on your phone without ever being in contact with the phone physically.


Cocospy is the best parental spying app which can also help you to keep a check on the browse history of your spouse. If your wife is searching for new ways to dress up and is changing the way she looks that could be a clue that she is meeting with someone with another taste in dressing and fun activities.


Now you have all the options you can use to spy on the phone without putting yourself at risk of getting caught. These are all legal applications and will never put you at risk of legal proceedings. There is no way you can leak your personal information because the info is not save on any server. It is just available for you to read and that’s it.

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