30 Beautiful HDR Photography examples [ October 2013 ]


HDR or High Dynamic Range is a Photography technique to capture photos with high tonal details . Normally The human eye cannot see the environment in High Dynamic Range ( HDR ) , But HDR photography enable us to bypass this limitation and lets us experience the world around us in HDR . HDR photography has been very much experimented by professional photographers and hobbyists alike  , the results they came out with were exceptionally breath taking and surreal .
Today HDR photography capabilities are built into most smart phone cameras . The quality of HDR photos taken through these phone cameras might not be similar to that of a high end DSLR , but they get the job done .

How to capture HDR Photographs ?

HDR photography basically requires capturing multiple photographs of a single scene with different exposure values , after which these multiple images are put together in an photo editing software and with some post processing . The resulting photographs can be fascinating and surreal . Although with different amount of post processing , there can be multiple versions of a HDR photograph .
We have collected 30 of these amazing and beautiful HDR photography examples , which will really inspire you to get started with HDR Photography . Like any other skill , Capturing a HDR photograph needs constant practice and dedication . If you are learning to capture beautiful HDR photographs , always keep on experimenting and look for inspiration from other photographer who specialize in the field of HDR photography .

30 Beautiful HDR Photography examples

  1. HDR photograph by YuriHDR Sunset
  2. Colorado Sunset in HDR by Matt Dewitt photography

    beautiful hdr photography examples (16)

  3. Railway tracks HDR by Durstiger-firschbeautiful hdr photography examples (15)
  4. Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse at Sunset – HDR by Daniel Haug

    beautiful hdr photography examples (14)

  5. Shinjuku Sunset HDR Photography by Stuart harber

    beautiful hdr photography examples (12)

  6. Cochina Beach sunset HDR by Jim

    beautiful hdr photography examples (11)

  7. Marsden beach HDR 2 By John Kirkwood

    beautiful hdr photography examples (10)

  8. Great Salt Lake Sunset HDR by Jeremy hall

    beautiful hdr photography examples (8)

  9. Sunset HDR photography by Markus lundbergbeautiful hdr photography examples (7)
  10. Paris, Je T’aime ! by dinosaursarenotdead

    beautiful hdr photography examples (6)

  11. Kuala Lampur Golden sunset by Nur Ismail photography beautiful hdr photography examples (5)
  12. Singapore sunset HDR by Jimmy Mclntyrebeautiful hdr photography examples (4)
  13. Sunset At Shaw’s Cove, Laguna Beach, CA by William McIntosh

    beautiful hdr photography examples (3)

  14. NYC Sunset HDR  by Xun wang

    beautiful hdr photography examples (2)

  15. West Point Lighthouse Sunset HDR Photography by David Irons Jr

    beautiful hdr photography examples (1)

  16. Farm sunset HDR by Aidan yates10176046533_91d4589a43_c
  17. Stonehenge at sunset by Jimmy mcIntyre


  18. A Chilean sunset by Jimmy mcIntyre


  19. Masjid Putra Sunset III by Nur ismail photography


  20. Tree at sunset by Jimmy mcIntyre 8158592509_8f59b7c59c_c
  21. Carlow sunset HDR photography by Andrew wilson6997908585_2f2ef3541a_c
  22. Say Goodbye by Rene rodriguez 6861088501_62d3bea812_b
  23. Antelope Island Sunset HDR by David irons Jr


  24. Playa punta cana by Oimbert3232508471_9864165f79_b
  25. Sunflower HDR photography by jill Beninato2656664274_720a5749fc_o
  26. Sunset by Raym838954886_5d96499e43_o
  27. Seattle Sunset from Rizal Bridge Rishi sanyal

    beautiful hdr photography examples (18)

  28. HDR at sunset by Eric Wbeautiful hdr photography examples (17)
  29. HDR of Idaho Falls by Jacque osborn photography

    hdr photography 14

  30. Abandoned house sunset HDR by David irons Jr5905652095_b121ce4117_b


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