Aquasnap automatically Arranges Windows on your Desktop for Maximum Multitasking


If you are someone who likes to multitask on a single monitor desktop setup, then i know how hard it is to constantly cycle through multiple windows.
To be frank, arranging and organizing multiple windows side by side on windows is not a simple task. You can try your best at arranging multiple windows, but there will always be some space left on the desktop.
For those who want to waste space on their desktop and achieve maximum multitasking, you can make use on an free tool for windows known as Aquasnap.
Aquasnap is a free tool for windows that helps you arrange and organize multiple windows on your desktop with minimum effort. The tool enables windows on your desktop to automatically snap to the corner of another windows or the desktop itself, thus eliminating any effort from your side to arrange and organize multiple windows. Although Windows 7 and above has an similar feature known as aero snap, but it cant be comparable with what Aquasnap offers.
Apart from the above, the app even has many more tricks up its sleeve, that allows you to achieve maximum productivity while multitasking. Now that you know about this extremely useful tool, lets find out how it works.

How to use Aquasnap.

  • Step 1: Download and install Aquasnap from the link provided at the bottom of this article.


  • Step 2: Once Aquasnap is installed, it will appear in the windows notification menu as a icon.


  • Step 3: You can now drag and move a window to any of the four edges of your desktop and a small icon should appear showing you the portion of the screen the window should cover. The windows should then snap to that portion of the desktop.


  • Step 4: Now you do the same with other windows and all of them should automatically snap to the space available on your desktop.

Here’s are some example of windows organised side by side on the windows desktop.
Aquasnap even lets you stack windows one above another, with the topmost windows being semi transparent. To make a window semi transparent, you will simply have to shake the window. Here’show it should look like.
If you ever want to turn off Aquasnap for a while, you can simply right click on the tool’s icon from the notification tab and click on the off option.
Aquasnap is offered both in free and paid versions, however the free version has all the features that you will need for your personal use.

Download: Aquasnap for Windows

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