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When we open a folder on windows, it will by default open in a new window and this is also the same for all the other folders that are opened consecutively. So if you were about to open 10 folders at a time, you will have 10 different folders open in your desktop in different windows.
This is something that doesn’t look good overall and sometimes it even irritates me. Now if you also feel the same, then you can switch to tabs instead of windows. Yes, that is possible.
Courtesy of a free tool for windows known as Clover, you can easily add tabs and bookmarks to the windows explorer. Using clover is very simple, just install it on your windows PC and it will instantly add itself as an extension to the windows explorer.
Once Clover is installed on your windows PC, all the windows that are opened after that will be automatically opened as tabs in a single window, just like the tab system in most web browsers.
The functionality of clover is similar to that of an web browser and surprisingly you can even use most browser based keyboard such as CTRL + T or CTRL + W to open and close tabs. The CTRL + Tab and CTRL + Shift + Tab can be used to skip through open tabs.
The application works flawlessly on both windows 7 and windows 8. Now if you think that the drag and drop feature will be affected by the tabs, youve got nothing to worry about as the drag and drop feature will work without any hiccups. Just select the item that you want to copy and the drag and drop it on a tab to copy it into another folder.
Another good thing about clover is the bookmark feature. The bookmark feature lets you bookmark most accessed folders to the windows explorer. You can drag and drop any folder to the bookmarks bar and it will be added as an bookmark. Alternatively you can even right click on the tab and click on Bookmark this page to add the tab as a bookmark.
Last but not the least, one thing that i noticed is, the clover logo automatically takes the identity of the windows explorer in the taskbar, which shouldn’t be a major problem. However if you want to change the logo to the default, here’s how you can do that.

How to Change Clover’s Icon.

  1. Open a Clover window and pin it to the taskbar.
  2. Right click the icon in the taskbar and click on Properties.
  3. Click on change icon and type in (or copy-paste) %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe and press Enter.


  1. Double click the icon you want, the first one should be the explorer folder icon.
  2. Reboot (or restart explorer.exe)

Download: Clover for Windows

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