20 Best Windows 7 Themes Collection for your Desktop – February 2014


Windows 7 was released four years back and till date it is one of the best operating systems that Microsoft ever made. Recently Microsoft announced it plans to retire windows 7 very soon, but it going to be a tough decision since a major portion of the windows user base are still relying on Windows 7. Even though Microsoft has released windows 8 and 8.1 as successors to windows 7, people still are not willing to upgrade to windows 8.1.

I myself still prefer to use windows 7 and for all of you who are still using windows 7, here is an collection of some of the best themes that i have collected for my personal use. These themes are in fact a great way to give your desktop a new look and the same time you retain the basic functionality of your OS. So go ahead and download these windows 7 these and give your windows 7 desktop a new look.

Note: The complete information and installation details regarding these themes can be found on the developers pages. Please read them carefully before you install these themes.

20 Best Windows 7 Theme Collection for your Desktop



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