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Android powered smartphones have come very close to replace our desktops. The mobile operating system has turned our phones into much more than a device that is used to make and receive calls. Thanks to the fast paced improvement in mobile hardware, our phones are now capable of running 3D games. Something like this was just a dream down 10 years from today, but we have finally achieved this and many more things in the recent years.
At the moment we rely very much on Google for finding information about anything on this planet and beyond. In the present scenario, a majority of our searches on the internet are performed via text based queries, but in the future this might be completely different. Google has introduced an image search engine to help people search the internet based on images. While Google’s image search engine has been there for years, but it still has a small user base. The adoption of image search has been slow due to very less awareness about it. But in the the feature, when everything gets digital, it might be able to garner more interest.


If you are interested in image search, you should take a look at an app called Camfind. Developed by Image searcher, Camfind is an visual search engine for Android and iOS phones that can help you to identify almost any object by just taking a photograph of it.
Well it’s hard to believe that an app is capable of doing something like this, but it is in fact much more powerful than all the image search engines and apps available right now. When most other image search engines provided roughly vague information about an object in a photograph, Camfind on the other hand was able to identify the object and even the manufacturer. In some cases it wasn’t able to identify the manufacturer of few objects but it was correctly able to identify what the object was.
Its astonishing that camfind brings Google’s own Goggles app to shame when it comes to identifying objects in a photograph. I can’t stop praising the app, but its upto you to install the app on your phone and try it for yourself to believe what it is capable of.
Apart from identifying objects in an photograph it can also help you to search for the product on the internet and if the object is on sale online, the app will provide you price comparisons for the products from online shopping sites. Here’s a list of features for Camfind.

  • Internet Search Results
  • Related/Similar Images
  • Price Comparisons and Online Shopping
  • Related Places and Address Finder
  • Film Poster/DVD Recognition
  • Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text

Camfind is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Using it is very easy, just click an photo of any object using the app and within a few seconds the app will identify the object and also search for the object on the internet. If the product is available for sale on the internet, the app will provide a price comparison for it from major online shops.
Here are a result comparison between Camfind and the Google Goggles app. The images on the left are begin identified with the Google Goggles app and the images on the right with the Camfind app.
Identifying the Playstation 4’s Dualshock 4 Controller.
Identifying the Western Digital My Passport ultra portable Hard Drive.
Identifying a Pen.
Identifying a Dlink 3G WiFi Dongle.
As you can Google’s goggles app pathetically fails in identifying all the three objects. But the Camfind apps successfully identifies the objects even when there’s no mention of the prodcts name.

Download Camfind

You can download Camfind from the links provided below.
Download Camfind for Android
Download Camfind for iOS

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