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All the latest versions of the Windows operating system come with built in USB drivers for most Android devices. Even if your Windows OS doesn’t come with the drivers for your Android device, your OS has the ability to update the drivers for your Android device from the manufacturer via the windows update.
However windows only comes with generic drivers for Android devices, which means they will only suffice for connecting your phone to a windows PC and transferring data. But when it comes to connecting Android devices with their PC software counterparts such as the Samsung Kies, a generic driver won’t be enough.
Similarly when it comes to using features such as enabling the USB debugging feature on your android device in order to mod it, the generic USB drivers provided with windows wont be of any use. As soon as you connect your phone with your Windows PC, Windows will start searching for the official drivers provided by your phone’s manufacturer via the windows update. And as you might have already experienced, Windows takes too much time to search and download the proper driver for your android device from its OEM manufacturer. Many a times it will simply fail to find the correct USB drivers.
Now only if you knew where to download the official USB drivers provided by your smartphone’s manufacturer, you would have saved a lot of your precious time and got your work done quickly. Well, thats what this post is all about. We have compiled a complete list of USB drivers for Android Phones from all the major smartphone manufacturers. Go ahead and download them directly to your PC.
Note: We have provided both official and unofficial download links to the Android USB drivers from the respective smartphone manufacturers. If you choose to download the USB drivers for your Android device via the official download links, it will be time consuming since you have to go through multiple sorting pages until you are able to find the driver download page for your Android device. On the other hand the Unofficial USB driver links are equally safe and are direct downloads so you will be able to download the USB drivers for your Android device without wasting any time.

Official USB Driver Download links

Unofficial USB Driver Download Links

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