How to Check if your Android Smartphone is Charging Properly


A new android device will take less much time to charge than an older device. While sometimes it’s the battery that wears down after numerous charge and discharge cycles. But other things such as the charger, power outlet or the USB cable can be the reason why your smartphone is taking too long to charge completely.
The USB cable of your smartphone’s charger has a higher chance of becoming faulty first. Even though it becomes damaged, it will still be able to charge your phone but at a slower rate. However if your phone’s charger along with the USB cable are perfectly fine, then you can put the blame on the power outlet.
These were some of the reasons why your android smartphone might be taking too long to charge. But how would you determine where the exact problem is?
This is where Ampere will come to your rescue. Ampere is a free android app that helps you to measure the charging and discharging rate of your phone’s battery. With the help of ampere you can compare the aM ( Ampere ) readings from different power sources such as USB cables, power outlets and find out the hardware which is faulty or which power outlet will charge your smartphone faster.
When your phone is not connected with an charger, the app will show how much power is being consumed by your phone in mA ( milliampere ) alongside other details such as the temperature, health and voltage of the battery. When your phone is not connected to a charger, the app will show you the charger’s power output, which is usually minus the power consumption of your phone. So you can basically turn off services such as WiFi, Bluetooth or decrease the brightness of your phone’s screen to make your phone charge faster.
To show you an example, the following are screenshots of the app when connected to an wall power output and a PC.
Clearly, you can see that the power output from a PC is much less than that of an wall outlet.
Now I have tried charging my phone from different power outlets and as you can see the power output varies across them all. So to charge your phone faster, you need to charge it from the power outlet with the maximum voltage output.
If you think that your phone is charging slowly, the fault might be with the USB cable. You can try swapping different USB cable and find out the one that provides the highest voltage output.

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