Opensignal shows a Visual Map of your Cellphone Network’s Coverage


When it comes to choosing a cell phone, We have more than a thousand model of cell phones to choose from. These cell phone come in different sizes, hardware, os and prices. But the most important thing after buying a cell phone is to choose a cellphone network that has the widest network coverage.
Often in this case, we go for personal advice from our friends, family and relatives regarding their experience with their cellular network and based on their recommendation we try to estimate the network coverage and choose a cellphone network.
Unfortunately, this is not the right way to find out the network coverage of an cellular network. Fortunately, there’s an free service call open signal, which is trying to provide a visual interpretation of the coverage of all the major cellular networks across the globe.
According to Opensignal, they’re trying to create a comprehensive database of cell phone towers, cell phone signal strength readings, and Wi-Fi access points around the world with our help.
Opensignal is creating this database by collection data from the android and iPhone users for their apps. The data is stripped of any personal information and then uploaded to Opensignal’s server by taking care to use as little processing power and battery life as possible. This information is then converted into a graphical interface and provided on its website for free.
So, if you want to check a cellular service provider’s network coverage, you can head over to and select your country. You can then see a visual representation of the network coverage of all the cellular networks available in your country.
However as of now, Opensignal’s database is still incomplete and as a result the data for several places is still missing.
You can help opensignal by downloading their Android or iPhone application. Their app will you allow you to view nearby towers and signal information and at the same time the it will automatically upload this information to their server and help to make their coverage map more accurate.
Download: Opensignal iOS App
Download: Opensignal Android App

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