How to Create a Floating / Fixed Sidebar Widget in WordPress


The sidebar in WordPress can host multiple widgets vertically, but there’s always one plugin which, such as the subscription widget or a advertisement, which always demands more attention. So how would you ensure that a specific widget gets more attention than the rest widgets.
The most straightforward method would be to create a Floating / Fixed sidebar widget which will move as the reader scrolls the page. As the Floating / Fixed sidebar widget grabs more attention, it will in fact have higher click through rates and this should lead to more conversions. For those who want to create a fixed / floating sidebar widget in WordPress, here’s how you can do so.
You can make use of a free WordPress plugin called Q2W3 Fixed Widget to create a Fixed / Floating sidebar widget. This widget when installed and activated on your WordPress blog, will allow you to make any widgets as a floating / fixed widget on the sidebar.

How to Create a Floating / Fixed Sidebar Widget in WordPress

  • Step 1: Download and install Q2W3 Fixed Widget from the WordPress plugin repository.
  • Step 2: Activate the Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin once it is installed.
  • Step 3: Now to to Appearance > Widgets and expand any widget. You can now see a Fixed widget option at the bottom of every widget.


  • Step 4: Enable the Fixed Widget option and save the settings to make the widget a Floating / Fixed sidebar widget.

That’s it, your Floating / Fixed sidebar widget is now live.
Q2W3 Fixed Widget also allows you to tweak some its settings such as the top and bottom margin, refresh interval and provides the ability to disable the widget  when the when browser window width equals or less than the value specified by you.
While floating sidebar widgets are a great way to increase sign ups and subscription, on the other hand if too many widget are made to float, it can turn out to be annoying for some visitors. So always make sure that the floating widget blends with the design of your site.

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