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While many of us are exploring the information superhighway with an super fast internet connection, there are still people out there who are crawling the internet with slow broadband speeds.
In a country like India, where internet speeds have gone down the drain, affordable high speed connections are a distant dream. ISP’s have formed cartel to impose a fair usage policy throughout the country and adding to that monopoly of government own ISP’s are also causing people to stick with slow internet connections.
There not much that you can do to increase your internet connection’s bandwidth, but what you can do is make use of data compression services, which can compress the data received by your PC and make your web browsing experience both faster and economical.
Google has been making quite an effort to bring affordable and faster internet to the masses. A few months back, they had unveiled a data saving feature on chrome for android and it did what it promised. Today Chrome has taken a step ahead  and brought the same data compression feature to Google chrome for the desktop.
Courtesy of Data Saver, an official chrome extension from Google, you can now save data while browsing the web via Google chrome. Using the extension is very simple, Just install it from the Chrome web store and once installed it will be turned on by default. The extension will appear in chrome’s extension bar and clicking on it will show you the details of data compressed by the extension.
The extension makes use of Google’s servers to compress all the data received by your PC. By doing this, the extension helps you to save data and at the same time it also loads pages faster.
As for the limitations, the extension is still in beta and it doesn’t work for SSL and incognito pages. If you are unable to load any page, the you can click on the Extension’s logo and click on Turn Off Data Saver to disable the extension.

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