Check the Strength of your Passwords with Microsofts Password Predicting Tool


Strong passwords are vital component to keep your personal data safe and secure. With the recent cyber attacks on big firms like Yahoo, Adobe, Ubisoft and lot more. Hackers have been able to breach the security defenses of theses firms and get their hands of millions of sensitive user data.


While your account might not be compromised with these security breaches, but it is definitely essential for you to beef up the security of your online accounts by strengthening up your passwords.

To help you out with choosing passwords that are highly secure, Microsoft’s research team has come up with an online tool called Telepathwords. Although this tool doesn’t have real telepathic capabilities, but this tool is able to accurately predict your passwords. To sum it up this tool acts as an weak-password prevention system.

Telepathwords uses a large database of public passwords and phrases to predict the next character of your password as you type them. Apparently the tool also makes use of the most common passwords that were made public as a result of few security breaches.

To use Telepathwords head over to and type in a the initial characters of your password and instantly the tool will try to predict various combinations of passwords. If Telepathwords is successfully able to predict your password, then it is very important that you change your password immediately. Just in case you are concerned for your privacy, the tool encrypts all the entries before they are logged on their server, which is why it is completely safe to tests your passwords using this tool.

Even if Telepathcwords is unable to predict the final character of your passwords, it wont be wise to think that your password is safe and secure. Remember that Telepathwords is just piece of program, while in the real world an attacker will be easily able to guess the final character of your password by using his IQ.

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