How to Check if a Website is Mobile Friendly


With the increase in sale of mobile devices, a large number of internet users are now preferring to browse the internet through their mobile devices instead of the traditional desktop PC. Keeping this in mind, Google has now made it mandatory for websites to adopt a mobile friendly design as a key aspect of Search engine optimization.
On an average, mobile visitors consist of more than one third of a website’s total visitors and this is increasing rapidly.
If you are a webmaster using content management systems such as WordPress, then very probably the theme that you are using for your website might be responsive, which means it will automatically adjust the web page to fit the screen resolution of the device on which it is being viewed.
However if your website is not mobile friendly, then you need to work out on making your website mobile friendly as soon as possible, failing to do so might lead to your website’s rankings go down in Google search results in the coming days. But how do you confirm that your website is mobile friendly?
Fortunately Google has come up with a web based tool to help webmasters find out whether their websites are Mobile friendly or not. For those who want to know whether their website is mobile friendly or not, you can head over to Google’s mobile friendly testing tool and enter any random page of your website. Google will perform a few test and finally let you know whether your website is mobile friendly or not.
If your site passes the test then you don’t, then its great. However if your web site does not pass the test, the tool will tell you the specific areas which need to be optimized in order to make your website mobile friendly.

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