You can now Use Whatsapp on a Desktop via Google Chrome


Whatsapp users are now up for a treat as the popular instant messaging app can finally be accessed from a desktop PC. The new feature was unveiled yesterday and with it whatsapp users can now access whatsapp on their desktop PC’s via the Google chrome browser, while support for other browsers is currently in work. The feature is being called as “Whatsapp web”
Although many people would have loved to have a good old style standalone app, but Whatsapp on the web is a better idea as it allows easy access to Whatsapp from a desktop PC, regardless of what operating system you are using.
Whatsapp has a user base of 600 million active users all over the world and many of them have wanted to access Whatsapp from the convenience of their desktop. Now that you know about this, here’s how you can use whatsapp on your desktop PC.

How to use Whatsapp Web


  • Step 2: Open Whatsapp on your phone and select the Whatsapp Web option from the menu. 
  • Step 3: Scan the QR code provided on Whatsapp web with your phone and there you go, you can instantly access your Whatsapp messages on Whatsapp web. Click on any of your conversations and continue it on Whatsapp web. 

You can also enable notification for whatsapp messages in Google chrome. A option for the same would be available on the Whatsapp web client when you log in for the first time. 
The whatsapp app has been updated with the new feature for Windows Phone, Blackberry 10, Nokia S60 and Android. Android users have been left out due to a “platform limitation” as described by Whatsapp’s founder Jan Koum. 
The Whatsapp web client is based on Google’s Material Design and looks similar to the app’s tablet interface. Messages appear instantly on the web app as the web client just mirror the phone app on to your web browser. The web client also notifies if your phone is low on battery. 
Last but not the least make sure your phone is connected to the internet as the feature requires the phone app to be connected to the internet.
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