Chrome for Android has a Hidden Game, here’s how to play it


Most Google Chrome users should be familiar with the hidden dinosaur game that can be played when Chrome cannot connect to the internet. The tiny games is indeed a great time pass while you are waiting for your internet convention to be back up.
While the game was originally available on chrome for windows, Linux and Mac. Recently the game has finally made its way onto Chrome for Android. Now if you want to play the game, you can disconnect from any internet connection on your android phone and try to connect to any website.
You will get to see the familiar T Rex dinosaur with its short arms and a unable to connect to the internet message beneath it. Tap on the T Rex and there you go you can now play the game. On a PC, you had to press the space key to make the T Rex dinosaur jump, however on android, you just need to tap on your phone’s screen.
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