30 Coolest and Inspiring Multi monitor Gaming setups


Are you Gaming on an Multi monitor Gaming setup ? , If you’re not then check out our collection of 20 coolest and inspiring Multi monitor Gaming setups in the world ! .

A few years back a PC could be used at max with a dual monitor setup , which was basically used in offices or for work purpose . Today multi monitor PC setups have become very popular among the PC gaming community , The reason being Graphic cards today are capable of supporting more than three monitors simultaneously .

Which graphic card for your Multi Monitor Gaming setup ?

A high end Graphic card from Nvidia will allow you to use three monitors consecutively , whereas a similar high end graphic card from AMD will allow you to use six monitors at the same time . AMD seems like a great deal here but actually Both Nvidia and AMD had to compromise on something . AMD compromised 3D gaming for six monitor support whereas Nvidia had to stick to triple monitor support to make its Graphics cards 3D gaming capable .

Some people might think it is a overkill to go for such an multi monitor gaming setup , but since the prices of LCD monitor has dropped over the years . Setting up a multi monitor gaming setup has become affordable nowadays . Apart from Gaming , you can even use your Multi monitor Gaming setup to watch movies and do multitasking easily on two or more monitors .

If you’re thinking of setting up a Multi monitor gaming setup for yourself , then you should definitely check out 20 of these coolest and amazing multi monitors setups by some of the Gamers worldwide .

30 Coolest and Inspiring Multi Monitor Gaming Setups 


    1. Playing Hitman on a Triple monitor setup feels just awesome .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(31)
    2. Great lighting in this gaming setup ,multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(21)
    3. two monitor for the gaming setup and a third for the console ?multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(11)
    4. Great wallpaper on this triple monitor gaming setup .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(1)
    5. This guy was supposed to be from Nvidia or something , he really does enjoy his work .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(30)
    6. This is supposed to be a Zombie killer’s Lair .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(44)
    7. Vertical triple monitor Gaming setup .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(41)
    8. multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(37)
    9. Nice and clean Gamign setup .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(39)
    10. A Six monitor gaming setup , Must be powered by a AMD Radeon Graphics card .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(27)
    11. The Sound is surely gonna blow you away .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(2)
    12. Look at those games he has on Origin Steam , Definitely an Hardcore gamer . Respects !multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(3)
    13. A hardcore Battlefield 3 fan’s lair , notice the sniper on the top ?multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(5)
    14. Sure Mother of the Dragons looks great on this triple monitor gaming setup .
    15. Nine monitors at all , an awesome multi monitor gaming setup .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(9)
    16. multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(10)
    17. A Dota 2 triple monitor gaming setup .dota-2-multi-monitor-gaming-setup
    18. multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(42)
    19. Again a nice and minimal triple monitor gaming setup .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(43)
    20. This triple monitor Gaming setup belongs to a Daft punk fan .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-2013
    21. multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(36)
    22. multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(29)
    23. Another great looking six monitor gaming setup .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(14)
    24. This triple monitor gaming setup is just amazing , look at that awesome modification to fit all the hardware into the table . kudos to this Gamer !
    25. multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(16)
    26. multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(26)
    27. Can you feel the need for speed ?multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(23)
    28. multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(35)
    29. Captain america would be proud of this gamer .multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(25)
    30. multi-monitor-gaming-setup-(40)

Thanks for viewing this post , if you have any details of to whome these amazing multi monitor gaming setups belong to , lets us know about them , so we can add a link to their websites/Facebook page .

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