How to Create ISO images from File, Folder and Drives on Windows


Do you need to create ISO files consisting from files and folders or a windows drive? If yes, then i am going to guide you through the easiest method of creating ISO files using files, folders and drives.
ISO files are digital copies of CD and DVD media. They are similar to rar files and serve as digital containers for files and folders. Unlike DVD media where there is a maximum limit on the storage capacity, ISO files on the other hand have no such maximum limit and can be easily transferred using portable storage devices such as pen drives and portable hard disks. When you need to access the contents of an ISO files, simply mount the ISO file using an ISO mounting tool such as Daemon tools and you can access its content just as you would access the contents of a CD or DVD media.
Well, that was a brief introduction to ISO files, now let me guide you through the process of creating ISO images from files, folders and Drives. There might be many free tools to create ISO images on windows but all of them serve the same purpose but the interface of these tools differs from each other. Some of these tools serve many other purposes apart from creating iso files and thus they have an difficult to understand interface.
Since we are going to use the easiest method to create ISO images using files, folders and drives, we will make use of an free tool known as Free ISO Creator. As the name suggests, Free ISO Create is a free tool for windows that can used to create ISO images from files, folders and Drives without any frills.
Using Free ISO Creator is very simple, just add the files, folder and Drives which you want to include in the ISO image and save it to create an ISO image. Follow the detailed instructions below to create ISO images from files, folders and drives using Free ISO Creator.

Create ISO files from File, Folder and Drives on Windows using Free ISO Creator

  • Step 1: Download and install Free ISO Creator from the link provided at the bottom of this page.
  • Step 2: Run the tool once it is installed and click on Browse beside ” ISO File Path ” to select a folder to save the ISO file and give it a name.

free iso creator windows

  • Step 3: Enter a name for Volume name.

volume name

  • Step 4: Click on Browse beside ” Folder Path ” and select the file, folder or drive which you want to create into an ISO image.

seelct folder to create iso image

  • Step 5: Verify all the settings and click on Start to create the ISO image.

create iso image from file folder and drives on windows
That’s it, now wait for a few minutes until the ISO image is created and then you can burn it to a compatible disk media or even share it using a USB flash drive or portable hard disk. You can use Daemon tools lite or any other similar tools of your choice to mount the ISO image and access its contents. Additionally this method can also be used to create ISO images from USB flash drives.
Download: Free ISO Creator

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