How to Download Android App Apk directly to your Windows PC


The Google Play store has been the primary app repository for android devices since android’s inception. Apart from the play store, there is the Amazon appstore as well and it is quite reliable too.
Now there’s one thing common among these android apps stores and that is they don’t allow users to get hold of the apk files for the android apps. Whenever you download any android app, they automatically get installed on your android device and there’s no way you can copy them from your phone.
However thanks to a free tool for windows called as Raccoon, you can now download Android apps as Apk files to your windows PC directly. Downloading android app apk files using Raccoon is very simple, all you need to do is download and run the tool and enter your Google id, after that you can search for any android app and then download the app’s apk file to your windows PC.
Note: Raccoon requires you to have the latest version of java installed on your PC.
Follow the instructions below to download android app apk files using Raccoon.

How to Download Android App Apk to your Windows PC

  • Step 1: Download Raccoon from the link provided at the bottom of the page and run it. ( Install Java if its not installed )
  • Step 2: Enter your Google account’s username and password. You can leave the Android ID field blank.


  • Step 3: Search for an App or Game and click on the Download Button beside the respective app to download the Apk file to your PC.


  • Step 4: Wait for the apk files to be downloaded. Once the files are downloaded they can be found in the downloads folder in windows i.e. C:\Users\Your user name\Downloads\Raccoon\apk_storage

This is a great way of archiving android apps and also you can share these apps and games with your friends. But make sure you never download Android app apk files from any other source than the ones listed in this post.
Download: Raccoon for Windows

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