How to Password Protect Google Play Store on Android


Children today are born tech savvy and are capable of operating most gadgets with an easy to use interface such as android. No doubt this is a reason why we have heard about multiple incidents regarding children accessing their parents smartphones and making game purchases without their parents knowledge.
For a child, money doesn’t have any value, which is why they wont think twice before purchasing an app or game, if they like it they will download it. To avoid such situations Android has a built in password protection feature for the Google play store app. The password protection feature will prevent your children from making unauthorized purchases and even others from making unauthorized purchases through the Google Play Store without your permission.
password protect google play  and prevent unauthorized purchases
If you are a parent and you have tech savvy kids, it is important that you password protect Google play so that nobody apart from you can make app purchases through the Google Play Store. The following instructions will show you how to password protect the Google Play Store on your Android device.

How to Password Protect Google Play Store on your Android Device

  • Step 1: Launch the Google Play App on your phone and navigate to the Settings.


  • Step 2: Under user controls, tap on ” Require password for purchases “.


  • Step 3: Select ” For all purchases through Google Play on this device “.


  • Step 4: Next type in your Google account’s password when requested and tap on OK to save it.

There you go, Google Play store is now password protected on your android device. The next time you want to purchase an app, you would be prompted to enter your Google accounts password for confirmation.

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