Dexpot Adds Multiple Virtual Desktops on Windows


On most Linux distros, you can easily distribute the icons and windows on the desktop among multiple desktops that are generally known as virtual desktops. Even on android, there is a  similar feature which is known as home screens and is based on the virtual desktop concept, however it’s not completely similar as the virtual desktops on linux.
Virtual desktops are a great replacement for multi monitor setups, especially for people who can’t afford to have multiple monitors at their home or workplace. Adding to that virtual desktops even help you to declutter your desktop and organise their contents, which ultimately helps you to facilitate working with many applications.
Coming to windows, there is no such feature as a virtual desktop and if you need to have multiple desktops, you will have to get yourself an multi monitor setup. Fortunately that’s not the last resort for you, if you are comfortable with using third party windows tools, then you can always add additional features on windows.
Dexpot is a third party program for windows which can help you with creating multiple desktops on windows. Dexpot is free for private use and if you are intending to use it for commercial purposes, you will have to pay a fee. Now that you know about Dexpot, here’s how you can use it to add multiple virtual desktops on windows.

How to Add Multiple Virtual Desktops on Windows

  • Step 1: Download and install Dexpot from the download link provided at the bottom of this page.


  • Step 2: Make sure you select Private use during the installation options.


  • Step 3: Select Custom installation and uncheck any other additional software installation options.

Once Dexpot is installed, you can access it from the Notification area in the windows taskbar.

  • Step 4: Click on the upward icon in the windows taskbar to bring up the notification areas.


  • Step 5: Now double click on the Dexpot icon and there you go, you can see all the four virtual desktops.

Click on any of them to use the respective desktop. Alternatively, you can also right click on the Dexpot icon from the notification area and switch among all the virtual desktops.

Adding Virtual Desktops

To add additional virtual desktops, you can go to Dexpot’s settings by right clicking on the Dexpot icon in the notification area and then select settings.
Change the value in the first option and you can increase or decrease the number of virtual desktops.

Moving Application Windows between Virtual Desktops

Right click on any window and select Dexpot > Move > and Select the desktop where you want to move the window.
Well, these were some of the basic that you need to know about Dexpot, for a list of other advanced features, you can check out the Quick start guide for Dexpot.
Download: Dexpot for Windows

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