How to Resize the Desktop Icon Size in Windows


One of the most common thing that comes to our notice when we install a windows operating system is the size of the icons on the desktop. The fact is, the less the size of the icons on our desktop are, the more will be the amount of icons that can be stored on the desktop.

More icons on the desktop may give it a unorganized look, which is why its better to have less number of icons on the windows desktop as its makes the desktop look good and organised, however large icons should be always avoided. So here are two methods by which you can can increase, decrease or resize the size of the icons on the windows desktop.

Use CTRL key and Mouse Scroll Wheel to Resize Desktop Icons on Windows

Click anywhere on the windows desktop and press the CTRL + A Key to select all the desktop icons. With all the desktop icons selected, hold the CTRL key and and move the scroll button on the mouse up or down to increase or decrease the icons on the windows desktop. This method also works in the windows explorer.


increase or decrease desktop icon size on windows

Use the View option to Resize Desktop Icons on Windows

Alternatively you can right click anywhere on the windows desktop and select the view option, then you can choose between the small, medium or large options. However the first option will always provide you with more control on resizing the desktop icons on windows.


These methods works on all version of windows including windows 8 and the upcoming Windows 10.




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