How To Disable Gmail from Automatically Displaying Images in Emails


For those of you who are using Gmail, If you are wondering why all the images in your emails are being displayed automatically without your permission, then here’s something you need to know about.

Google has rolled out a new Gmail update, which now enables images to be automatically displayed in your emails.

Most email service providers always disable the images from being automatically displayed in your emails. The reason being, loading an image from a third party server, might reveal information about you to the sender. The information might contain details like your computer’s IP address, operating system, the language and even the time when the email is read. These information are enough to find out your location on a map.

Fortunately you don’t have to worry about your privacy with Gmail. Thanks to its new proxy technology, Gmail downloads all the images in your emails to its own server and serves them to you directly. This makes downloading images completely safe for you and even protects your privacy from internet marketers and spammers.

But even with all this benefits, there might be a few reasons why some of us won’t be comfortable with the new update and some of these reasons are:

  • If you are on a limited bandwidth internet connection, the automatic image displaying feature might consume a lot of your internet bandwidth.
  • Similarly, when you are on a slow internet connection, Loading images automatically would increase the time take to open up emails in Gmail.

So if you are considering the above two reasons then you can disable images from being automatically displayed in Gmail. Here’s how you can disable images from being displayed in your emails in Gmail.

  • Step 1: Click on the cog icon in Gmail and select Settings.


  • Step 2: Under the general tab, select Ask before displaying external content and finally click on Save changes.


That’s it. now every time you open a mail in Gmail, you would be presented with Display images below option to download the images if you require.

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