How to Download Android Apps as APK Files From Play Store


For all of us using an Android device , we already know that the Google play store limits the download of android apps and games only via an android phone or other android devices . Even if Android supports sideloading of apps and games , Google has always restricted the direct downloads of apps from the play store as apk files .


Google is doing the best to protect our android devices and the reason behind android apps not being available to download as apk files , is to prevent the spreading of virus and malwares by sideloading of apps from the outside of the play store .

Although downloading apps on an android phone is very easy , but if your data connection is slow , you won’t be left with any option apart from waiting for the crawling downloads to complete until you can use your favorite apps or games . Fortunately there is a workaround which will allow you to download Android apps and games as apk files from the Google play store .

APK Downloader is an free online service that will help you to download android apps and games as apk files directly to your desktop without any hassles . Follow the instructions below to find out how you can downloads apps and games from the Google play store as apk files . For obvious reasons APK downloader allows you download free Apps and games only and to prevent piracy, you are not allowed to download paid apps .

Note: As for apk files downloaded from APK Downloader , we assure you that all the files are safe and free from any kind of viruses and malwares as all of them are directly downloaded from the Google Play Store .

How to downloads Android apps as APK files from the Play store

  • Step 1: Head over to the Google play store and chose from your desired android app or game and Copy the web URL of the Android app or game .


  • Step 3:  Now head over to and paste the web URL of the android app / game in the input box provided , and click on “ Generate Download Link “  .

copy-app-url-in-apk-downloader (1)

  • Step 5: Wait for a few seconds until the service fetches your requested app and hosts it on their server . Once the app is fetched simply click on the download link provided and save the app on your PC .

copy-app-url-in-apk-downloader (2)

Now you can copy over the apk file to your android phone and easily install it or even keep it as a backup .

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