How to Download Multiple videos from Youtube


YouTube is the worlds largest collection of user uploaded videos and as we speak there are thousands of videos being uploaded simultaneously . which makes It pretty much impossible to run out of videos to watch on YouTube . When you have a internet connection , you can access YouTube anytime . but what about when your internet connection is down ?

One thing that i am sure is , without an internet connection YouTube is of no use to anyone . That is why many a times i prefer to download videos from YouTube and watch them later , and in any case if my internet is down i don’t have to get bored .

There are many websites online that offer to download YouTube videos for free. All of these websites are capable of downloading one video at a time , but none of them are capable to download multiple videos from YouTube .

This is where you can use a free program called Free YouTube Download to download multiple videos from YouTube . Using this program you can easily download multiple videos from all YouTube channels , playlists , categories and even covert them all to a different file format .

Using Free YouTube download is very easy , its user interface is very simple and it has a lot of useful features . With free YouTube download you will be able to use the following features :

  • – download videos in original YouTube quality, including HD and 4K;
  • – convert YouTube to MP4, AVI, WMV;
  • – fastest multi-stream downloading;
  • – customize output name easily;
  • – save and load links from external text files;
  • – save download history;
  • – import videos to iTunes automatically;
  • – download videos which require YouTube browser authorization;
  • – work via proxy servers and VPNs.

For a free software , this is more than you could even bargain for and i can’t even imagine any other important feature that has not been included in this program .

Like most free softwares do , Free video download comes with a few bloatwares too . But you don’t need to worry about them , as you can choose custom installation ( advanced ) and select the only features you want . Follow the instructions below to download multiples videos from YouTube .

Instructions to Download multiple videos from YouTube

  • Step 1: Download and install Free YouTube Download . Be careful for bloatwares when you install this program , select custom installation and un check all the bloatwares in the installation process . Once the program is installed run it .


  • Step 2: Copy the link of any YouTube channel , playlist or category from your web browser’s URL bar .
  • Step 3: Right click on free YouTube download and select paste URL .


  • Step 4: Wait for a few seconds as the program detects all the links . When its complete you will see the channel name with number of videos in it and the total download size .


  • Step 5: Click on the channel name and in the window that opens up , manually select all the videos you want to download .
  • Step 6: From the playlist windows drop down , select the video resolution in which you want to download the YouTube videos and click on close .


  • Step 7: Now On the program’s main window , you can see all the total number of videos selected from the YouTube channel and the overall size of the downloads .
  • Step 8: Click on the download icon to the right and the program will download all the selected YouTube videos .



Thats it , now depending on your internet connections download speed  it might take some time to download the videos ,  after which you can watch them any time at your leisure .

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