How to Download the Windows 8.1 ISO image using a Windows 8 key


With the release of Windows 8.1 , Microsoft has officially denied the availability of windows 8.1 as ISO files to the public . Currently windows 8.1 ISO images are only available to Technet , Dreamspark  and MSDN subscribers . So your only option to upgrade to windows 8.1 will be by using the windows app store .

If you are having multiple PC’s at your home or your workplace . then it will be a PITA to update all those PC’s by downloading a 3.5 GB update on each PC  .  Depending on your internet download speeds ,  it might even take a very long time to update all those PC’s to windows 8.1 . Instead you can follow the instructions below and download a windows 8.1 ISO file .

Thanks to Microsoft’s stupidity , Actually anybody can download the Microsoft windows 8.1 ISO files from Microsoft , but all you need to have is a retail windows 8 product key . If you use your genuine windows 8 product key then you can use a workaround to download windows 8.1 ISO files from Microsoft itself .

We are not sure for how long this workaround will work as Microsoft may anytime patch this loophole . So follow this guide and download the windows 8.1 ISO image as soon as possible .

Instructions to download Windows 8.1 ISO files

Note : This method is a workaround to download windows 8.1 ISO files , but you will not be able to select from a 32 bit or 64 bit windows 8.1 ISO image . Depending on the version of the OS you are using , you will get the respective 32 bit or 64 bit windows 8.1 ISO images .

  • Step 1: Open this page in your browser :
  • Step 2: Scroll down and click on “ install windows 8 “ and a setup file will be downloaded .
  • Step 3: Run the downloaded file and enter your windows 8 product key . Next the installer will show you the version of windows which will be download . Click next to download it .


  • Step 4: When the download starts , cancel the download immediately by closing the installer window .
  • Step 5: Visit this page again : and this time click on “ install windows 8.1 “ to download the windows 8.1 installer assistant .
  • Step 6: Run the downloaded setup and it will display “ Download is interrupted “ . Close the installer and run it again . Now it will start downloading windows 8.1 .


  • Step 7: When the download is complete , the installer will provide you with three options to install windows 8.1 . Select ” Install by creating media ” from the options and click on next .


  • Step 8:  On the next window select to save windows 8.1 as a ISO file and you will have a windows 8.1 ISO image .


Burn the windows 8.1 ISO image to a DVD or save it on your PC for later use . You have actually fooled Microsoft . Well this seems justifiable since Microsoft should provide windows 8.1 ISO for everyone . Imagine somebody losing or damaging their windows 8.1 disks , how are they supposed to get a new windows 8,1 DVD instantly ?

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