How to Find your Altitude from the Sea Level using an Android phone


Suppose you’re on the top of a mountain range, how do you find out your altitude from the sea level. If its a popular hiking place, then you would find information about the mountain’s altitude somewhere nearby, but what if its a remote location?

Well if you have an android phone, the GPS on it can help you out to find your approximate altitude from the sea level. Although most android phones usually don’t come with a built-in feature to calculate altitude, but the Google play store has a lot of free apps to help you with finding out your current altitude. Although there are, they are not cheap.

Among all the apps which can serve your purpose for calculating the altitude of your location, the Runtastic Altimeter app is the best among all the apps in its category.


Apart from finding out your current locations altitude, the Runtastic altimeter app also provides you with various other useful features such as weather information, compass, Gps location and the sunrise and sunset details. Using the app is very simple, just open the app and within seconds the app would calculate your approximate altitude.

Here is the complete list of feature offered by Runtastic altimeter.

  • Accurate measurement of altitude (meters or feet) through GPS
  • Photo feature with built-in altitude and sharing
  • Share your outdoor photos with friends via Google+, Facebook or email
  • No internet connection required
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Compass
  • GPS coordinates
  • Current temperature and wind speed

Since the app uses your phone’s GPS to calculate your location altitude, you don’t need to have a constant internet connection. But you need to have a clear sky above you. In case you are able to access an internet or data connection, the Runtastic altimeter app would also let you capture and share your location through Facebook, Google+ or email.

Download: Runtastic Altimeter for Android

Overall if you love outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, walking, rock climbing or mountaineering. The Runtastic altimeter is something you need to have on your android phone.

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