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Today YouTube is not just limited to user made videos or short films, the site has in fact become a source of free movies too. For those who are looking for free entertainment, YouTube will definitely cater your needs. Although the movies available on YouTube are not official but in fact most of these fan made movies are actually worth a look. 

One thing for sure, searching for free movies among YouTube’s huge stash of user submitted videos is like finding a needle among a stack of hay. Fortunately a third party website known as Zerodollarmovies comes to you rescue here.


Created by popular the blogger, Amit agarwal, Zerodollarmovies lists of more than 15,000 feature length movies that are available for free on YouTube. The huge database of free movies includes movies from both Hollywood and Bollywood which are organised by their year of release.

Apart from that the site even lists regional Indian movies in Tamil and Telugu languages. Once in a while you might even get your hands on some big movies, but due to copyright infringement these movies will be taken down shortly.

If for some reason you want to take a break from the big screen, Zero dollar movies is an alternative source of free movies you should be looking for.

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