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Have you ever wondered which files and folders are taking much of your computer’s storage space?
When you have a new computer, you have gigabytes of free storage space at your disposal. If you have an internet connection, then there’s no doubt that within a few months you will be out of storage space on your computer. This is a common thing that happens with most of us as we keep on downloading stuff onto our PC’s and eventually we forget to delete them.
Now as our computer’s storage space gets filled up to the brim, we have to do regular cleanups so that we can free up storage space on our computers. But there’s a problem, how would you know which files or folders are consuming a major portion your computer’s storage space?
The windows explorer is capable of showing you the contents of your hard drive, but it’s limited to a single folder at a time. So if you are going to manually search a 500 GB hard disk for files and folders depending on their size, you’re definitely going to have a tough time ahead.

TreeSize Shows which Files and Folders are Taking up Hard Drive Space

In a situation like this, you can make use of an free tool for windows called TreeSize. TreeSize is a handy windows utility tool that shows you the detailed list of files and folders on a specific drive along with the space occupied by them.
Using TreeSize is very simple, just download the tool from the link provided at the bottom of this page and run it with administrator rights. Once the tool is running, click on Scan and then select a drive which you want to scan.
Now you need to wait for some time until TreeSize scans the selected drive and populates its list. When this is done, you will be presented with a detailed list of folders with the space occupied by them.
You can then explore the folders and files within and find delete the ones which are unnecessarily consuming your hard disk’s storage space.
Download: TreeSize for Windows

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