How To Keep Any Window Stay Always On Top in Windows


Have you ever needed to keep a window on top of others in windows?. The need of this can be clearly demonstrated when someone is calculating something on their desktop and they need to keep the calculator tool on top of others open windows.

Its is always convenient to keep the most important window on tops of others. But by default, Windows does not have such feature so you can’t just keep a specific window stay always on top of other windows. However there are many third party tools available on the internet for free and these can be used to add this feature on windows.

The best one out of all the tools according to me would be the PinMe tool. PinMe is developed by Teddy Rogers and available as a free download from his website. The main advantages of PinMe over other similar tools is, its small, lightweight and highly portable.

It doesn’t require any installation so you can just run it and it will appear in the windows notification area. Now if you want to keep a certain window stay on top of other windows, here’s how you can do that.

How To Keep Any Window Stay Always On Top in Windows

Right click on the PinMe icon in the windows notification area and select the window that you want to be on top.



Thats’s it, the selected window will now stay on top of all other windows.

Now if you need to disable this feature, you can select the window once again. With this tool installed on your computer, you will n o longer need to arrange windows side by side.

Download: PinMe for Windows



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