How to Fix “Insufficient Storage Available“ Error on Android


Sooner or later every Android user will come across the “insufficient storage available” error. As the name suggests, the error is triggered when your phone’s primary storage doesn’t have enough space left for installing new apps or performing day to day operations.
In this situation, many people get confused between the terms primary and secondary storage. The “insufficient storage available” error is only triggered when your Android phone’s primary storage is out of free space. This error is nowhere related to your phone’s secondary storage. Which means that your phone’s secondary storage might be completely free and you will still get this error.
Fortunately this error can be fixed quickly if you know exactly what file you need to delete. To start with, you should delete the cache of apps first, which is something that takes a lot of space on your phone, especially if you have installed many apps.
Here’s how you can check the cache of apps on your Android phone.

Delete App Cache on Android to Fix “ Insufficient Storage Available” Error

  • Step 1: Go to your phone’s Settings and tap on Storage under the System section.


  • Step 2: Wait for a few seconds until the storage information gets calculated. Now tap on Cache and then click on OK to delete all the app caches on your android phone.

That’s it , you have successfully cleared the entire app cache of your android phone. And with this the “ Insufficient Storage Available “ error should be fixed.

How to Delete Individual App Caches.

Now if you want to individually delete the cache of all the apps installed on your phone, you can make use of the App Cache Cleaner app available on the google play store. Once you’ve installed the app, you will need tap on Clear and the app will scan for app caches. You can then see a list of apps with their cache sizes in descending order. You can then tap on the dust bin icon beside the respective apps to clear their cache.

How to Find and Delete Large Files on your Android Phone.

Now if you are still not able to free up enough space on your phone’s primary storage and you’re not sure which file to delete, you can make use of an free app called SD Maid. This app will help you to find the largest files on your phone’s internal storage. This will be very useful when you’ve forgotten about old files that you had copied on your phone previously.

  • Step 1: Open SD maid and tap on the menu button to the top left. Select Biggest and wait for a few seconds for the details to be filled up.


  • Step 2: You can then see a list of all the folders in your android phone’s storage with their size in descending order. Browse through the folders and delete any file which you think is unnecessarily occupying your phone’s storage.

Now if you find any files that are unnecessary occupying your phone’s internal memory, you can delete them to free up some space. I hope the Insufficient Storage Available Error gets fixed after following the instructions provided above, if not then feel free to comment below and i will try my best to help you out.

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