How to View Hidden Files on Android


Android doesn’t have any features to hide files and folders at system level. So the necessity of an feature to view hidden files on android isn’t required either. However, the fact that android doesn’t allow users to hide files and folders doesn’t mean that it’s not capable of doing so.
Android is capable of hiding files and folders, but for some reasons it’s disabled in the operating system. Well, why do we have so many apps for then? Fortunately this is a feature that can be easily enabled with the help of third party android apps from the Google playstore itself.
ASTRO File Manager is one of these apps which can help you to hide or view hidden files on your Android device. It is essentially an feature rich advanced file manager for android. For those who want to view hidden files on their Android, here’s how you can use ASTRO File Manager to do so.

How to View Hidden Files on Android

  • Step 1: Download and install ASTRO File Manager on your Android device from the Download link provided at the bottom of this article.
  • Step 2: Open ASTRO File Manager and select a storage location.


  • Step 3: Tap on the icon with three vertical dots to bring up the Options menu.


  • Step 4: Select the ADVANCED tab, check Show hidden files and tap on OK.

There you go, you can now view hidden files and folders on your android device. Make sure you hide these files again by repeating step 4 from the above instructions.
Since the android operating system isn’t capable of hiding files, you might never need to view hidden files on android either. However the ability to view hidden files might come handy when you want to view hidden system files on your android device or other files that you’ve copied from your desktop.
Download: Astro File Manager for Android

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