How to Take Full Web Page Screenshots on Android or other Mobile phones


Android devices have given us with the ability to make the most out of our time when we are away from our personal computers. Thanks to the portability of android powered devices, we are no longer required to carry away our laptops everywhere we go.
As a Chrome user, I extensively make use of the screenshot extension for capturing and saving full web page screenshots of tutorials and guides for later reference. However the same is not possible on Chrome for Android as it does not have support for extensions.
This is something that is embarrassing for chrome users, as most other web browser for android already has support for extensions, though many of them were introduced much later on android when compared with chrome.
I have personally tested all the screenshot extensions available, such the Dolphin screen cut extension for Dolphin browser, Fennec screenshot extension for Firefox and MX screenshot for Maxathon browser.  Unfortunately none of these extensions seem to work as they have not been updated by their developers for more than a year. So ultimately, there are no android app or extension available that can capture full page screenshot of web pages.
Fortunately these apps are not the only method by which you can capture full page screenshot of websites, if you are willing to explore other methods, then you can also make use of free web services to capture full page screenshots of web pages. However these screenshots will be rendered as per a desktop’s view.
For those who want to capture full page screenshots of web pages on your android device, here’s how you can do so.

How to Take Full Web Page Screenshots on Android or other Mobile phones

We will be making use of a free Screen Capture service developed by Amit Agrawal.

  • Step 1: Head over to on your android phone’s browser.
  • Step 2: Copy and paste the link of the web page whose screenshot you want to capture, in the input box provided.


  • Step 3: Click on Capture screenshot and wait a few seconds until the screenshot is captured. once the screenshot rendered, a download button will appear, click on it to download the full page screenshot.

The Downloaded screenshot can now be viewed from the gallery app.

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