How to Create your own Meme with Custom Text


These days, the Internet is flooded with memes everywhere. You can see a clear example of this on social networks such as Facebook and Google+. People have got in so habituated with memes that they are even using memes for day to day conversations on social networks.
Well, as long as you’re enjoying it, there’s no harm in doing so. However for those who are wondering how do all your friends create their memes with customized text, Here is an useful sites you can make use of to create memes with custom text.

Memeful is a very easy to use website that allows you to create memes with your own text. Here’s how you can create your own memes with custom text using Memeful.

  • Step 1: Head over to the following URL : and select from any of the memes available.


  • Step 2: Type in any text in the two text boxes provided and click on “ Create “.

There you go, you can now save the image to your PC or share it on any social network through the sharing links provided.
As for alternatives, here are a few other websites that can help you to create your own memes with custom text.


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