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The android app market is extremely large and there are apps for nearly everything that you can think of. Most of the android apps are available for free download, while a few other such as games can be downloaded for free but they offer in app purchases and as usual there are paid android apps too.
Free android apps can help you to add additional features on your android phone, however there are certain features that are only available via paid apps. For example, Titanium backup pro is an paid android app that enables your you to create backup files of the android OS. Generally there are multiple android apps for a certain feature, but in case of some paid app, they simply don’t have any free counterparts.
So unless you have a credit card, you won’t be able to purchase these paid android apps. Fortunately, this is not the same always. Apart from the Google play store there are many other third party android apps stores too and unlike the play store, these third party android app stores give away paid apps for free regularly.
Believe me they just don’t give away useless paid apps for free, these free giveaways often include very popular paid apps for free.
To be frank, this is the only legal way by which you can get paid android apps for free on your phone. I have generally participated in many of these free giveaways and got many paid android apps for free. So for those who want to get paid android apps for free, here are a few third party android apps stores that regularly offer paid android apps for free.

Amazon App of the Day

The Amazon app store regularly gives away a paid for free everyday under the App of the Day offer and occasionally it even gives away more than one paid android app for free. For example a few days back, the Amazon apps store gave away 30 paid apps for free instead one one and the combined worth of all these paid apps was $100.
The Amazon app of the day offer is available for anyone with an android device. All you need to do is install the Amazon appstore on your android phone and everyday you will be greeted with a free app download. You can also install the Free App notifier For Amazon app to get notified daily about the free android apps available in the Amazon app a day offer.
Download: Amazon Android App Store


AppGratis is an free android app that helps you to discover free android apps. the app usually offers a free android app everyday, however in some cases they apps aren’t completely free but their price is reduced by 90%. Also you need to know that some of these free apps won’t receive any updates and the giveaways only last for 24 hours.
Download: AppGratis for Android

App of the Day

App of the day is an free app available on the Google play store that offers a paid app for free everyday. The app works just like Appgratis, where the App of the day team chose a popular paid app from the Play Store and then negotiates with the developers of the app to make it free for a day.
Download: App of the Day for Android


Getjar is an third party app store that has been there since the age of the Symbian OS. Today the app store offers both paid and free android apps for download. Getjar offers you points for installing and using apps on your android phone. Once you have accumulated enough points, use can use them to purchase paid android apps for free.
Download: Getjar for Android

Google Opinion Rewards

Although the Play store doesn’t offer paid apps for free regularly, in certain counties the Google Opinion Rewards app offers free play store credits in exchange for answering surveys. If you are in a country where the Play store survey app is available, you can install the app and then answer surveys to collect your free play store credit. Once you have collected enough play store credits, you can then use these play store credits to purchase paid android apps for free from the Google play store.
Download: Google Opinion Rewards for Android
These were some of the apps though which you can get paid android apps for free. If you know about any similar android app or services, do let us know about them through the comments below.

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