How to View the Detailed System Information about your Android Phone


Android devices are manufactured with a combination of different hardware that includes the Display, processor and a variety of different sensors among many other hardware. Its the Android OS itself that coordinates all these hardware and makes it very easy for us to control the device just with the help of few taps.
Apart from certain hardware units such as the storage, battery and the display, the Android OS won’t allow you to view the system information about other hardware units such as the various sensors that are embedded in your phone. It is only apps that can have access to the data from your phone’s sensors.
It’s a very less known fact that most android phones have a secret menu that can be accessed by a entering a secret code from the phone’s dialer. Inside this secret menu you can access direct information from all the hardware units in your phone including the sensors. This secret menu is usually meant for the technicians to quickly debug your phone in case it encounters some problem. Since this secret menu is meant for technicians, a normal android user won’t be able to make out anything from the information displayed.
So how can you view the detailed system information about your phone’s hardware in a way that you can easily understand? The answer is simple, all you need to do is install an app such as the Mydroid System info and once it is installed the app will allow you to view the detailed system information about your android phone.
MyDroid is an system information viewer app that enables you to view and monitor real time information from your android phone. While there are many other similar apps on the Google play store, MyDroid has an edge over all the others due to its easy to understand interface. Now that you know about this extremely useful app, let me guide you through some of its most useful features.
The app categorizes your phone’s system info under four categories that are Device, System dashboard, Sensors monitor and Logs.
Under the Device category, the app will display information about your phone’s processor, display,  storage and the camera.  Additionally there are also several sub categories too.
Under the System dashboard, the app will display information regarding the real time usage stats about your phone’s CPU, RAM, Battery and WiFi.
The sensor monitor category provides you with real time information from the sensors embedded in your phone.
The last category is logs and as the name suggests, its basically a log that records all the activities on your phone.
These were the four categories in the Mydroid app under which you can view the system information on your android device and as i said before, there several subcategories too which i haven’t covered here. For those who want to view the detailed system information of your android device, you can install the Mydroid app from the link provided below.
Download: MyDroid for Android

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  • This is great way to check actual built specifications of any android device. There is another app also of the same kind, I use “Antutu Benchmark”. It is available for Android and iOS both.

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