HR Trends You Need to Know About in 2020


Business owners around the world spend approximately $4 trillion on technology each year. Most entrepreneurs understand just how important embracing technology. Providing the members of your HR department modern tools can help you keep employees engaged and happy.

Some business owner take the “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” approach to their human resources department. Without modern upgrades, you will have a hard time attracting the best and brightest in your industry. The following are some of the HR trends you need to know about in 2020.

Applicant Tracking Systems are Very Popular

Being a business owner comes with a number of unique challenges. As your business starts to grow and prosper, you will need more employees to lighten your workload. When this time comes, your main goal needs to be finding qualified and motivated people to hire. While this may sound like a relatively easy task, it is anything but.

The average job opening attracts roughly 250 applicants. Trying to go through each of the applications or resumes you receive manually is a horrible idea. This is why using an applicant tracking system is so important. This technology allows you to customize the keywords and qualifications you want to look for in the resumes you have received.

When used correctly, an applicant tracking system will help you find the right candidates to fill open positions in no time. If you want more information on this technology, check out this content on ATS software explained.

Chatbots Can Be Useful

For years, business owners have used chatbots to make their website more informative and user-friendly. This AI-infused technology allows consumers to get answers to frequently asked questions in a hurry. As this technology grows and improves, businesses are starting to use chatbots in the HR departments. If an employee has a question about HR issues, then these chatbots can be used to get this information.

By implementing this technology, you can both inform your team and reduce the amount of work the HR department has to do. In order to get this technology up and running, you will have to take time to enter in the most frequently asked HR questions and their answers. Once the chatbot has this information, they can optimize it as time goes by to fit the needs of your team members.

Continuous Performance Management

The key to keeping your business running smoothly is focusing on productivity. You want to provide your team with all of the tools and information they need to be productive. In the past, business owners would perform annual performance reviews of their team members. In most cases, these reviews would intimidate employees, which is why they are usually ineffective. Rather than making performance management a once a year undertaking, you need to make it an ongoing process.

Instead of waiting until months after an employee makes a mistake to address it, you need to talk about it while it is fresh in everyone’s mind. By doing this, you can turn these mistakes into a learning experience for the members of your team. When going into a one on one meeting with an employee, you need to avoid attacking them for the mistakes they have made. If you do this, it is only a matter of time before employee morale declines. This is why you need to approach team members with respect and a willingness to listen to their side of the story. This blog post provides some interesting information.


Flexibility is a Must for Modern Businesses

Attracting the best talent in your industry is no easy task. Accomplishing this goal will require you to adopt a new approach to how you allow employees to work. Allowing your team members to work from home will provide them with a higher degree of flexibility. Studies show that remote workers are generally more productive and happier.

The main thing you need to do when trying to embrace the remote work revolution is to get a cloud-based server in place. With this secure server, you can allow workers to access the information they need to get work done from anywhere. An IT professional should have no problem helping you implement and maintain these servers.

The Future is Now

Now that you know more about current HR trends, it is time to put this knowledge to good use. While making changes to your operation will be difficult, it is worth the effort you invest. 

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