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The trading game is an adventure that tests the grit and daring of the trader.  Perseverance and determination are only one aspect of the personal strength that a trader requires to endure the challenges of the forex trading market.  Trading also demands an intrepid boldness and an enterprising spirit that one normally associates with the brave and courageous hero of an adventure story.   

Rob Booker’s book, “Adventures Of A Currency Trader: A Fable About Trading, Courage And Doing The Right Thing.” Contrary to expectation, you will not find any anthropomorphic creatures trying to save the world. However, you will find a moral to help you find your way in the world of trading. The book traces the adventures of the lead character Harry, as he tries to find his footing in the world of trading. 

Eagerly searching for a way to escape the confines of the daily rut in a legal office and find financial independence, Harry leaps into the world of Forex Trading. Imagining trading to be a simple process of adding 2 and 2 and coming up with a profit of 22, Harry is catapulted into an adventure where he is juggling between work and his forex trading account. Manging to hide his investments and his deals from his wife, his boss and his friends by telling lies and half-truths while hoping for major returns to materialize pretty soon, he learns the Forex Trade.  

However, his forays into the world of Forex Trading are far less successful than his fantasies. Initially, Harry taps into his Forex account, excited to earn cold hard cash every day. He makes a decent profit the first day and buys his wife an Ipad, which is, unfortunately, destroyed in a car accident, and he never gets to give it to his wife. The subsequent investments, except for two, prove to be successful until he loses large sums of money on a deal.    

So he decides to learn some more about the trading business. In the course of his efforts to gain knowledge about how it all works, he meets several people, especially Craig, who tells him to observe a day of trade. He guides him and helps him understand how the Forex Trade works and how Harry can earn a lot of money from this trade.  

Harry observes, and he reads books to help himself grow as a trader.  He plods through books on economic options, day-trading stocks, futures and commodities, economic indicators, currency markets, and how to do technical analysis. It is through this research that he begins to comprehend how price moves in a designated period.  Other topics that any newbie in the world of trading would find incomprehensible like the Non‐Farm Payroll report (NFP), FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee), Non‐Farm Payroll, Consumer Price Index, Trade Balance, and FOMC Interest Rate Decision and Minutes are what Harry is bent upon learning. 

In a series of vignettes, the novel traces Harry’s journey of discovery. He explores this new world that he finds himself in and its rules for conducting good trades. As Harry learns about this usually unfathomable terminology of the financial world, so does the reader.

The raison d’etre for this novel is this very same exploration and the financial world explanations.  In a fun, light-hearted manner it teaches you about how Forex Trade works. The first clarification we get is on the subject of Forex trade itself, what a currency quote looks like, how to read it and the meaning of pips, which is clearly not a character from a child’s adventure story.  To get an idea of how Rob Booker tackles the explanations becomes evident with the following quote from the first chapter.  

In Harry’s words,  

“This is what a currency quote looks like:

GBP/USD     1.8000/1.8005 

This meant that the Great British Pound against the US Dollar could be sold for 1.8000 and could be bought for 1.8005. Simple enough. I also learned that if the pound moved from 1.8000 to 1.8001, just one point, that would be called a one pip move – a pip, in other words, referred to a Percentage in Point in the world of foreign exchange. And the software was going to tell me how to do all this stuff.” 

In this novel, Rob Booker as an author who knows what he is talking about. To learn more about the Forex trade, it may be a good idea to grab this book by Rob Booker and read it to understand the underlying principles of the market and how to function in it without making all the mistakes that any rookie makes, like Harry. This excerpt may make the book appear to be a dry rendition of technical jargon placed within a frame of a story. However, when you read the novel, in fact, you will find it to be quite the reverse.  

The lead character, Harry tackles many challenges, and due to his courage in the face of all odds and by sticking to certain principles, he manages to survive and win the day, like all adventure story heroes. The novel proves to be a fun, quick read and the characters sufficiently engaging to keep you interested in the fate of the protagonists.  The story bears a close resemblance to the author Rob Booker’s struggles when he decided to enter the world of trading. 

The argument Booker presents is the same one that he teaches in all his courses and the guidance he gives to his members. A trader needs to do some serious hard work, research material and prepare well for any transaction because this information and background knowledge are going to beat any instinctive, off the cuff hunches you could make. This is a hard-earned lesson that Rob Booker realized after he quit his 9 to 5 job, to focus full-time on Forex Trading. 

Rob Booker is a forex trader, educator and motivator who offers online courses and advice on how to enter the world of trading and gives advice, information on profitable trades. He uses a series of Robots to scour the world for the trades which are likely to be most profitable and offers students, and his group members access and training on how to use these robots. He has written four books on Trading and several ebooks detailing techniques, etc.  The book has been given a four-star rating and has some favorable reviews on Amazon. You can connect with him at his Rob Booker Twitter account.

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