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Whenever someone calls us from an unknown number we get into a dilemma whether to take the call or not. Quite possibly the unknown number can be your friend, family, telemarketer or even a spammer, but since you don’t have a clue about who it is, you might even resort to pick it up.
If it was spammer or a marketing call, you’ve done a good thing by not picking up the call and if it was a friend or family member, you would be making a bad impression by not receiving the call.
So how do you identify unknown callers on your phone? The answer is quite simple, be it Android, iOS, Windows phone or even Blackberry, the app store for all these mobile operating systems have been housing a number for free caller identification apps. To be precise there thousands of these apps and for a first timer, it’s going to be tough job to choose the best caller identification app.
Having tried many of these caller identification apps, i would recommend you to use Truecaller which is one of the best free caller identification apps available for for smartphones right now. Apart from the caller identification feature, the app also helps you to block calls and perform reverse number lookup for both mobile and landline numbers.
Using it is very simple, just install the Truecaller app on your phone from the links provided at the bottom of this page and as long as your phone is connected to an internet connection, Truecaller will be able to accurately identify any unknown number and provide you details such as the owners name and the place where the number is registered.
Another great thing about the Truecaller is, it will automatically block telemarketing calls and spam calls.

How does it work?

Some of you might be thinking how does the app identifies unknown numbers? Well, Truecaller is an android app which has been installed by over 6.5 million android users. Now what Truecaller does is, whenever someone calls you from an unknown number, Truecaller tries to match the number with the contacts of the 65 million people who have installed Truecaller on their phones. If any one or multiple people have the unknown number in their contacts, truecaller will show you the most common name used for the contact. As for the location, cell phone numbers usually have different pattern for different places where they are registered, truecaller uses these patterns to identify where the cellphone number is registered and shows it to you.
Well, this was a brief description about how Truecaller works,now it time for you to install the app on your android phone and get contact details about all unknown calls on your phone.

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  • It is a very helpful technology as may people are much afraid of picking unknown numbers and sometimes making people to miss very important information.

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