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The mobile phone in your hands is a very powerful device. You can make calls, watch videos, surf the internet and much more with its help. And with the plethora of apps available for it right now, the list of things it can do keeps going on. All in all, our phones are essentially the storehouse of all our personal data, which includes photographs, videos, email and other documents.
These days, switching phones has become common as manufacturers keep rolling out new mobile phones every few months. Well, why shouldn’t you? with all those exciting offers coming out and especially when you are getting a sweet resell value.
But be careful how you are handing over our phone to its next owner. You wont want to hand it over without securely wiping out all the personal data from your phone. In wrong hands, your privacy will be at risk.
You can delete all the data from your phone by resetting it, but what you might not know that the data from your phone can be easily recovered even after a factory reset. There are numerous free and paid tools available on the internet for doing this.
So how can you make sure that the data from your phone has been securely erased?
Its simple, make use of an professional android data eraser tool such as iSkysoft Toolbox – Erase for erasing software to permanently erase data from your phone. The tool not only erases data from your phone, but it also writes random data to the phone memory to overwrite your deleted data and make sure that it cannot be recovered again. All this happens in just three steps, which ensure that anyone can make use of this tool easily.

With iSkysoft Toolbox – Erase, you can securely erase data form your phone and hand it over to its next owner without any worry.

And if you are in need for a android backup tool to backup your phones data and restore it on your new phone, you can make use of iSkysoft Toolbox’s Backup&Restore. Using this handy tool, you will be able to backup and restore contacts, messages, call history, calendar, photos, video, audio, applications and other data from your old phone to new phone without any hiccups.
Go ahead and try out these tools and if you like them you can buy the entire iSkysoft Toolbox suite, which contains many useful tools such as Mobile to Mobile Data Transfer, Data Recovery Tools, Social App Backup tools and much more.

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