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I you are interested in photography , then you must have come across a lot of Time lapse videos on the internet nowadays ,  For some of us might  “ Time lapse photography “ can be a new term . you might have come across time lapse photography , most probably on television or the internet  . lets find out more about what time lapse photography is and how we can record Time lapse videos using an Android phone .

What is Time Lapse Photography ?

Time lapse photography is a technique of capturing multiple photos at timed intervals . According to the type of event you are recording , a time lapse video can span over hours , days , weeks or even months  . When we combine all these photos sequentially and create a video out of them , the time will appear to move faster in the video , thus accelerating all the slowly changing events we record .

Until recently , capturing a time lapse video was only possible through DSLR and high end video cameras , the main reason being they had the ability to capture multiple photos at a timed interval . Today you don’t need a high end camera gear to record time lapse videos ,  the same thing is now possible on most Android and iOS phones . There are  a bunch of apps that can convert your phone into a time lapse recording device . Lets find out more about one of the most popular app to record time lapse on android phones .

Lapse It : Android app to Record Time Lapse videos 

Lapse It is an android app to record time lapse and stop motion videos using your android phone’s camera . According to users reviews this can be confirmed as the best android app for recording time lapse videos now . The app is available as a free trial and as a paid version in the Google play store .

lapse-it-main-screen lapse-it-settings lapse-it-render-settings


lets take a brief look at the features of this app :

  • Unique and blazing fast render engine
  • Ability to insert sound tracks
  • Customizable frame rate
  • Stop Motion Mode
  • Import from other sources ( apps or cameras )
  • Render to MP4, MOV and FLV
  • Upload directly to YouTube, Facebook, G+ and many others
  • Stunning different effects.
  • Adjustable focus, white balance and scene modes.
  • Built-in Time Lapse Social Gallery.
  • Video Trimmer
  • Reverse Time
  • Flip in any direction
  • Frequently updates and fast support

The Lapse it app is also available as a trial version in the Google play store . If you want to enjoy all the above features you need to get yourself the full version of the Lapse it app , which is priced at $1.99 . If you really interested about recording Time lapse videos on your android phone , No other android app has as many features as Lapse it has . here an video of a time lapse captured through Lapse it .

This was just a brief introduction to Lapse it . subscribe to this blog to get notified about our next article , in which we will will be providing a thorough guide on how to use Lapse It to record time lapse videos on your android phone .


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