Leaked Screenshots of Windows 9 reveal a Redesigned Desktop


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It’s around time when we should be expecting Microsoft to announce the arrival of Windows 9. Although Microsoft has been tight lipped on this matter, the existence of windows 9 has been confirmed due to several leaked screenshots of the Windows 9 desktop on a popular online forum.
The leaked windows 9 screenshot reveal that Microsoft is actually bringing back the start menu from windows 7, however the start menu also consists of some elements from windows 8 such as the live tiles of windows 8 and 8.1.
The charms bar is to stay and icons of numerous programs have been changed. Additionally there is a new. The leaked screenshot clearly show that the Windows 9 build was version 9834 and which was created on September 8, 2014. Since it was a technical preview, we can expect the public release windows 9 in the coming days.
To many Windows 8 was a total disaster and even the much awaited windows 8.1 update didn’t bring much improvements. However the leaked screenshot shows a windows desktop that very much resembles the desktop of windows 7 and at the same time it had indeed borrowed some elements from windows 8 too.
Last but not the least, Microsoft is expected to unveil windows 9 on September 30, which should be followed by a preview release, but the full launch might happen early next year.
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