Atraci lets you Stream over 60 Million Songs for Free with Videos


Need a one stop solution for listening to all the latest songs from the comfort of your desktop? If yes, then Atraci is what you need.
Atraci is a free and open source application for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android that lets you stream and listen to all the latest songs for free.
Atraci can stream over 60 millions songs for free to your desktop and thats nearly double of what itunes has to offer. With Atraci listening to music gets as easy as it can. You dont have to create a account or you won’t be pestered with annoying ads. You just simply download the app for the respective o and install it. Once the Atraci is installed, you can straightaway search for the song you want to listen and play it.
The application will also play a video of the song, which can be expanded to view in full size. I wished that there was an option to turn off the video, but unfortunately there isn’t one.
Now let me guide you through some of the features of Atraci.
By default you would be presented with the most popular tracks.
You can click on the search bar at the top of the program and type in a song, artist or album’s name. Instantly you will see a drop down menu with all the songs and albums that match your search query.
Click on a song to play it or open and album to view the songs in it and play them. The album art and track information are sourced from iTunes, and Soundcloud. Once the song starts playing, you can control it through the control interface provided at the bottom of the program. The playback control consist of the usual controls such as play, pause, forward / reverse, shuffle, repeat track and volume controller.
Atraci also allows you to create your own playlists. Click on New playlist to create a playlist of your favorite songs.
You might ask from where does Atraci sources all the songs and is it legal. The answer is very simple, Atraci is legal as it streams most of the songs from YouTube and many other legal sites where the songs are uploaded through official channels. Since Atraci does not allow you to download the songs, you are not distributing illegal content, you’re just listening to the songs. However the whole process doesn’t benefit the artist in any way. So if you want to support the artist, you are better off buying the songs or watching them on YouTube.
Previously i have also reviewed a similar extension for Google Chrome called streamus which used to stream songs from YouTube videos. If you would like to stream music though Google Chrome, then you can try out Streamus.
Download: Atraci

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