How to Monitor your Android Phones Internet Data Usage


Everything about android is appreciable, except when it it comes to data usage, i don’t stand to agree. By default android doesn’t provide any means of monitoring the data usage on our phones. Except for an option to limit data usage on mobile networks, android users have no other choice to manage their data usage.

I remember that few years back when i had a Symbian based smartphone, my phone had an option to monitor the data usage on my phone and it was real time and to this day i miss that feature.

To be precise, Android is not an data hog but the blame can be put on the android apps installed on your phone, including a few processes within the android OS itself. With or without your awareness, most android apps are keep on sucking your data connections bandwidth and if you are on a limited data plan, most of your bandwidth is being wasted away.

So it is important for everyone to keep a close eye on each and every app and their data usage on your phones and if necessary you should close any app which is wasting your bandwidth unnecessarily.

Bytes Insight is an free android app, which can come to your rescue and help you to monitor the internet data usage on your android phone. The app will be able to provide byte by byte details on the bandwidth used by each and every app and all the processes on your Android phone. Every time you use your phone’s data connection, the app will provide you the total bandwidth used by every app on your phone’s notification bar with a numerical indicator. the indicator will disappear once the bandwidth usage is idle. One thing that’s the best about this app is it doesn’t drain any battery at all.

Here is how you can use the Bytes Insight app to monitor your Android phone’s internet bandwidth usage.

  • Once you install bytes insight on your Android phone, you will be able to monitor the total internet bandwidth used by each and every app, which will be displayed on your phone’s notification bar with a numerical indicator.


  • Swipe down your phone’s notification bar to see a app wise list of bandwidth used by each and every app in real time. ( This feature is only available on phones running on  Android 4.1 or higher.)


  • If you want to reset the bandwidth counters, simply tap o the reset icon or otherwise tap on settings to enter the app’s settings. inside the apps settings you will be able to enable features like monitoring only the mobile traffic.


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