Moto 360 to be Sold in India Exclusively via Flipkart


The Smartwatch segment is getting hotter as days pass by and with the announcement of Android wear, major smartphone manufacturers have already rolled out their smart watches with a few of them already being on sale.
Among all the smart watches announced, Motorola’s Moto 360 is the most attractive one and given a choice, most people choice would definitely incline towards buying the Moto 360.
While the Motorola Moto 360 is already available for sale in the US and many other countries, Indians on the other hand are yet to receive information regarding the availability of Moto 360 in India or its pricing.
buy moto 360 in india flipkart
For those who have been waiting for the Moto 360 in India, Flipkart has already listed the Moto 360 on its site and this confirms that the Moto 360 is indeed heading towards India within the next few weeks. As usual Motorola will be selling the Moto 360 exclusively via Flipkart as it has been doing with all its previous products. Flipkart has only listed the grey variant of the Moto 360 which is going to be sold by WS retail.
The Flipkart page states “ coming soon “ and does not state any details regarding the price or the release date of the device. However users can provide their email address in order to receive a notification once the product goes for sale in India.
Additionally Flipkart has also confirmed the availability of the Moto 360 in india via a tweet through its official twitter profile yesterday.

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