Use your Samsung Android Phone as a Flashlight without Installing any App


Most Android phones have got led flashlights that enable users to illuminate their photographs in low light conditions. The main purpose of the flashlights provided on android phones might be to illuminate the subject in low light conditions, however people have also been using the led lights as a flashlight.
Generally phone manufacturers would never advise you to use your phone’s led lights as flashlights, the main reason being using it that way would decrease your phone’s battery life. This is a major reason why most android phones do not come with an feature to use the led lights as a Flashlight even if its possible to use it that way.
However, Samsung Android phones on the other hand do come with an option to use the phone’s led as a flashlight. This function is built in into the Touchwiz launcher and you wont have to install any third party apps on your Samsung android phone in order to use the led flash lights of your phone as a flashlight.
For those who have an Samsung android phone running the Touchwiz ui, here’s how you can use your phone as a flashlight without installing any third party apps.

Use your Samsung Android phone’s led light as Flashlight.

  • Step 1: Long press on your phone’s home screen to bring up the home screen menu and select Apps and widgets.


  • Step 2: Tap on widgets tab and tap and hold again on the Assistive light widget to place it on your phone’s homescreen.

That’s it, now you can tap on the Assistive light widget on your phone’s homescreen to use your phones led lights as a flashlight.
The Assistive light widget on Samsung android phone can only be used to turn your phone into a flashlight and that’s no other additional features apart from that. For example, many third party apps available on the Google play store can use your phone’s led lights to send SOS messages in case of emergency.
This is something that can come very handy in emergency, but you need to be careful as third party flash lights apps for android have come under the scanner for spying on the users activities. which is why it becomes  very important to be aware of what permissions you are granting to an third party flashlight app while installing it. In case your phone don’t have the assistive light widget, here are some of the third party android apps which you can use for turning your android phone into a flashlight with any ads.


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