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Chrome is undoubtedly one of the most popular web browser right now and with every passing day its user base keeps on expanding. Speed is definitely a main reason why people prefer chrome over other web browsers and adding to that the ability to install additional features via extensions makes chrome even more useful.
Well today, web browsing is not just limited to surfing the internet, the browsing experience is also taken into consideration, this is where chrome with all of its extensions comes into the limelight.
I have been a Google chrome user since the early chromium builds and due to this i have a good grasp on Chrome. With all these years of using Google chrome and the plethora of extensions that i have tried my hands on, here are some of the most useful extension for Google chrome which you should install on Chrome. These extensions will not only enhance your web browsing experience but they will also secure you from potentially dangerous websites.

1. WOT ( Web Of Trust )

The internet is not safe and secure place anymore. Today it’s impossible for most of us to differentiate between a malicious site and a real one. This is something that most new internet users have to deal with when they start using the internet for the first time. Well, thanks to the WOT extension for Google chrome, you can now easily differentiate between a malicious and and a safe site. Once the WOT plugin is installed, it will appear on the chrome extension bar as an circle. When the circle is green, the site you’re browsing is safe, whereas if its is yellow or red then the site is harmful and potentially dangerous.
With the WOT extension installed on Chrome, the web will be no longer a strange place for you.
Download: WOT for Chrome

2. Adblock

Advertisements are a necessary evil and it is what that funds most of the sites on the internet. However, many website now have gone beyond the limits by adding too many intrusive ads on their websites. So the only way to keep away from these intrusive ads is to install a Adblocker such as AdBlock for Chrome. Once it is installed, you can choose to block the ads on any website. But, decide wisely on which website you want the ads to be blocked as most websites work hard on the content they produce and since advertisements being a major source of revenue to most of them, its not a good thing to hurt their revenue.
Download: Adblock

3. TooManyTabs

You must have already faced a situation where you opened up too many tabs in chrome and you couldn’t even see the favicon of any tab. Well, TooManyTabs is here to help you out in such an situation. If you ever end up with too many open tabs in Chrome, you can use TooManyTabs extension to temporarily suspend a few tabs to save some memory and as well as to clear up the view.
Download: TooManyTabs for Chrome

4. Webpage Screenshot

We often come across useful guides and tutorials that we want to save for reading later. The age old method of saving pages doesn’t work properly anymore as websites now have more dynamic elements in their design. So instead of saving the whole page, you can take a screenshot of the entire page using the Webpage screenshot extension for Chrome.
Download: Webpage Screenshot for Chrome

5. Streamus

Music can make anything interesting and with Streamus for Chrome you can easily turn Chrome into an online music player that streams music from YouTube. Its been my favorite music player and i hope you will like it too.
Download: Streamus for Chrome
Well, these are a few must have extensions for Google chrome, i will keep on adding new ones every now and them. If you have suggestions for any other useful extension, please let me know about it through the comments below.

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