How to Record Gameplay Video on a Sony PS4


Being a gamer, we all want to save our precious gaming moments and share it on the internet for other to see and commend us. Thankfully the next gen consoles such as the PS4 have come with inbuilt features to record and share gameplay videos from the console directly.
The PS4 has an inbuilt feature to record gameplay videos and ever share them online on Facebook or YouTube. However the feature has some limitations. First of all the gameplay video will be recorded in 720p with a frame rate of 30fps and secondly the video recording will have a limitation of 15 minutes.
As long as you’re not recording an hour long gameplay video, the PS4’s inbuilt share feature should be enough for recording gameplay video of your montages and once in a lifetime moments. Another great thing about this feature is, by default the PS4 keeps on recording your gameplay in the background. So if something interesting happens in a game and you forget to record it, you can go to the share menu and there you can see a recorded video within the time frame set by you.
For those who want to record their gameplay videos on a PS4, here how you can do so.

Tweak the Share Settings on a PS4.

First of all you need to choose between two different share button control types which are the standard control set and the easy screenshot control set. The latter is better since it allows you to take screenshots and record gameplay video conveniently.
Here’s how you can choose between the two share button control types.

  • Step 1: Press the share button to bring up the Share menu.


  • Step 2: Press the option button to select Share settings.


  • Step 3: Select Share Button Control Type.


  • Step 4: Choose between the two share button control types. ( I have chosen Easy Screenshots )


How to Change Video Recording Duration

You can also set the time duration for which the PS4 records your gameplay video in the background.

  • Step 1: Go to the share settings menu and select Video clip settings.


  • Step 2: Select Length of the video clip and choose the video recording duration.


How to Record a Gameplay Video on the Sony PS4

Double tap the share button and you should see a notification pop up to the top left of your Screen. This means that the video recording has started.
Now if you want to save the video, then go to the share menu and press the square button to save the video.

How to Record a Gameplay video that already Happened.

Open the Share menu and press the square button to save the video which would have been recorded according to the time frame set by you in the share settings menu.

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